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Split phase electric power

What is Split-phase electric power?

Split phase electric power split-phase or single-phase three-wire. the system is a type of single-phase electrical power distribution. The AC is equal to the original Edison three-wire direct current system. Its primary advantage is that it stores the conductor material on a single end. Single-phase system when on the supply side of the distribution transformer. Two 120 volt AC lines when only one single-phase required. A 240 volt AC supplied to the premises from a transformer with the secondary winding.

A center tap attached to the system to ground it. At the center of the transformer, the neutral conductor connected. the ground by tapping. Split phase electric powered AC line voltage of 120 volts generated. which exits the 180-degree phase with each other when required. By connecting the load between two 120 volt AC lines then 240 volt AC was obtained. UK Network Rail is using autotransformers in all-new 50 Hz electrification. And by 2014 many older booster transformers are converting installations to autotransformers.

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